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"Within each of us lies the desire to find meaning beyond the moment…To discover our true selves…To grow closer to God and to one another. A spiritual director can help you satisfy that longing."
--Spiritual Directors International

Spiritual Care

Welcome to my page on spiritual care. Whether you are a person who has never walked with a spiritual director or someone who is seeking another kind of spiritual care I warmly greet you and encourage your on your path.

“Explore, discover, walk, respond, tell your story” are different ways of describing the spiritual journey in which we find ourselves. At different times in our lives we may question and long for a greater vision. In the Celtic tradition an anamcara or soul friend is one who walks with another as they seek a fuller life. St. Brigid of Kildare says, "There is no greater honor than to be with another as they journey Home. A person who dies without an anamcara is like a body without a head."  Spiritual Direction is an opportunity under the guidance and wisdom of a loving person to look at our lives and be attentive to the movement of God as we perceive it. The Spiritual Director guides us to listen to that still small voice within and helps us respond.

You might seek spiritual direction to integrate  spiritual practices into your daily life; discern and make difficult choices; or live out an awareness of the Divine in your life. Lorie welcomes all inquiries.


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